Wedding Unity Candle: Keeping the “light” of your future burning

The lighting of the wedding unity candle is a very popular practice in America. The candle is very interestingly adorned with a picture of the couple or an inscription or the wedding invitation as well. Perhaps, those who are aware of the significance of these candles can well vouch for the fact that it (i.e. the wedding unity candle) reflects the intimacy of the occasion in the best possible manner. The candles define unity at different levels. They not only signify the unison of two individuals in a bond of lifetime but also the coming together of two different families.

The wedding unity candle set: Discovering a few interesting facts

The entire unity candle set consists of a large (pillar) candle surrounded by two tapers. While the two tapers are lighted by the representatives of the two families (each of them gets to light a candle), the large candle is lit by both the bride and the groom together– signifying the unity and their pledge to keep the light of their future burning forever. The addition of the candles has no religious denomination – still they had been very popular in the inter-religious marriages- simply because they signify the coming together of two individuals and their families despite their religious differences. And, of course, it is not mandatory to add them to your ceremony. In fact, there are some churches that prohibit the use of these candles as well. If you’re actually willing to add these candles to your ceremony then make sure you are finding out about the regulations followed in the Church where you’re getting married.

How should you choose the right candles for your wedding?

And, if you are finally determined to add these candles to your wedding, then Buy Wedding Unity Candle Set from credentialed candle makers. Make sure that the product that you are settling for (i.e. the wedding unity candle set here) combines the best virtues of creativity and uniqueness. It should be unique but not incongruous. Look up the internet in order to find out about the leading candle makers around. It is very important to check out the catalogues offered by multiple manufacturers out there. This will give you an idea about the creative acumen of these candle creators. Compare the prices as well. With the internet to help you, doing all this is just a matter of minutes.
Hope these tips have been of due help for you.

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