Unity Candles: They’re not “just” a part of your wedding decorations

The unity candle set remains an age old addition to weddings. However, it wouldn’t really be right to treat them just as mere “venue” adornments. These candles have much greater significance than that. There is a reason why they are called “unity candles”. It is very important to ensure that you are acquainting yourself with the symbolism of these candles if you’re looking forward to using them on your special day.

A unity candle set: Exploring its symbolism

A Wedding Unity Candle Set, as its name suggests, reflects the unison of two souls. The unity candle set, lit by the couple post ceremony, is reflective of the coming together of two individuals as well as their families. As already mentioned above, these candles are lighted by the wedded couple. In case they have children from their earlier marriages, even they can join in the “lighting” ritual in a bid to show stronger support for each other. There are two smaller candles set alongside the main (larger) candle lit by the couple. These candles are lit by family members. The unity candle is lit after the exchange of vows and rings while the tapers are lighted prior to the ceremony. In case, it’s too breezy, the members might decide to light them just at the beginning of the ceremony.

The versatility of these candles

The unity candles might as well be a part of both religious and non-religious ceremonies since they are completely non-denominational – devoid of any religious significance.

The tapers might be extinguished by the bride and the groom. Often it’s the bride who blows out the groom’s candle while the groom does the same with the bride’s taper. The two tapers represent two different individuals and their past (events, occurrences or episodes that have shaped their individual personalities). Blowing out the candles implies that the partners are ready to wipe off each others’ past and embrace the present and future. There are others who might as leave the tapers burning implying that they are ready to accept each other with their past and, of course, with their markedly different individualities.

Choosing candle makers for your D-day

There are several unity candle makers offering charming ranges of uniquely crafted candles at competitive rates. Do check out their collections in order to determine which one of them you want to buy from. And, do not forget to investigate their credentials as candle makers before buying from them. 

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