All you want to find out about unity candle sets

The unity candle sets make for an integral part of weddings simply owing to their symbolic significance. These candles are lighted by the bride and groom during the ceremony and they unmistakably exemplify the unison of two souls. Though there is no recorded history of the time when these candles were used in wedding ceremonies for the first time, it can well be claimed that they had gained popularity primarily in the middle of the twentieth century. Initially these candles were used especially when the two persons from two different religions came together. The candles stood as a symbol of two people coming together despite their religious differences. In modern wedding ceremonies, however, these candles are not used solely as a means to reflect the unity of different religions. They also signify the coming together of two different families—the strong vibes that are going to define their relations in the coming years.

What exactly should you find out about unity candle sets?

A unity candle is a huge candle with a wide diameter. This particular set is often adorned in accordance with the theme of the wedding. Alternately, it can be custom designed as per the combined tastes of the bride and the groom. A complete unity candle set includes two tapers and a base for the unity candle.

The candle along with its base is arranged on the table before the altar or the space where the ceremony would be conducted. The tapers should be arranged on the table depending on their base. The candles remain unlit until a representative from the bride and the groom’s family comes forward to light the tapers. After the completion of the ceremony (post the exchange of rings and vows), the bride and groom come forward to light the unity candle together—each using the candle lighted by their respective family member. If the bride or the groom (or both) has/have children from a previous marriage, they can definitely come forward to light the candles to signify the strength of the unity in the combined family.

How should you choose your candle manufacturer?

There is no dearth of custom unity candle makers out there. You can find out all about them online. It is very important to ensure that you are actually checking the collections of multiple candle makers out there before settling for your desired product. Keep these points in view while you’re shopping one of the most important items for your special day. 

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